Established: on August 15th, 1995

Carried out:

- Bringing on shore over 23 billion cubic meter of finished gas
- Supplying nearly 7 billion cubic meters of gas for oil exploitation by means of gas lift, contributing nearly 28% increase in oil production exploited by Vietsovpetro


- Merit Certificate by the Prime Minister

- Medal of Labour of Class III

Human Resourse
Recently, GOD has total 273 employees including:

- 250 employees from Vietnam

- 23 employees from Russia

     More than 70% have university degree and higher;
   Professional experience and skill staff (leading in management, gas processing & conditioning, turbine & compressor, gas safety…);
   Ability to collaborate and manage over 1000 manpowers to fulfill the important projects (collaborate PVMC, PVC, PV Power …).